The guide to best practices for your email campaigns

Illustrated synthesis of the best email practices in 2024, download our guide and discover how to:

  • capture your audience’s attention
  • engage your clients
  • enhance your brand value
  • boost the performance of your email strategy

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Some key figures...


conversion rates

Thanks to the personalization of your campaigns



Thanks to A/B testing, don’t overlook this practice that can bring significant returns


conversion rates

For emails that include GIFs


click-through rates

If your emails are built with responsive code

What you will find in this White Paper:

Email marketing: a reference for CRM strategists

With an average ROI of $36 for every dollar spent, email marketing is not just profitable; it is prodigiously lucrative.


Considered by 55% of consumers as their preferred type of business communication, email is more than just a communication channel; it is a gateway to the customer, their mind, and their needs.


In this context, The 2024 Email Best Practices Guide aims to be a compass for campaign creators. Crafted by our experts and illustrated with the best client campaigns from Dartagnan Email Builder, this guide will provide practical advice, insightful analyses, and design tips to maximize your performance.