The top emails for Christmas celebrations

Explore our portfolio rich in sources of inspiration for the holiday season. Discover how to make your campaigns shine and spread the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ in your emails.

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The Christmas holidays in numbers



The average budget for Christmas 2022 among the French


Some buyers designate price as the primary purchasing criterion


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One in two consumers believes that inflation will impact their purchases


Consumers conduct online research before making their purchases

For Christmas: build lasting relationships

The Christmas season is fast approaching. While the mood is festive among children, the assessment is more contrasting for parents.


So, how can we avoid falling into gloominess and what strategies should be deployed to continue making Christmas a moment of celebration and joy for your Commerce and Marketing teams? By focusing on your email strategy, of course!


To stay true to the ‘Spirit of Christmas,’ emphasize the emotional dimension of your campaigns. Be joyful, playful, festive, and warm. In short, transform your emails into little gifts ahead of time.