Dartagnan for your Brand and Communication teams

What if your Brand and Communication teams could create limitless email campaigns, without letting go of brand identity?

Industrialize campaign production and control your brand image

Centralize all your brand image elements in your dedicated Dartagnan space

Industrialize campaign production without losing control of your brand image

Redesign your graphic style and branding in record time

Manage campaign access rights, secure your brand image and optimize validation processes

Your problems/Our solutions

Dior x Dartagnan

Is managing your brand image holding back production?

With Dartagnan, say goodbye to the never-ending validation process! Store all your brand identity elements in your media library, to use as you please in your email campaigns.

Are email limitations stifling your brand image?

With a full range of features, Dartagnan will enhance all your designs. Sliders, videos, gifs, hover state…Our solution lets you create a unique and original brand experience.
Avec Dartagnan, faites du Design un horizon, pas une limite
Designez vos emails en quelques minutes

Does campaign outsourcing curb your response time and communication strategy?

Dartagnan’s ease of use means you can insource email production entirely and regain control of your calendar. Duplicate and develop campaigns in advance of the year’s big marketing events, and watch your performance take off with Dartagnan!

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