Dartagnan for your marketing teams

Imagine a world where your marketing teams could focus on customer acquisition, lead conversion and retention strategies, etc.

Unlock the business potential of your marketing teams

Create your own emails and insource production processes

Industrialise email campaign creation and reduce production time

Optimise all your processes and increase business performance

Dartagnan will support you

Avec Dartagnan, faites du Design un horizon, pas une limite

Do you outsource all or part of your email creation and is your production chain often restrictive and costly?

Dartagnan offers the potential to control email production processes and increase ROI by providing you with an easy-to-use tool that is accessible to everyone.

Is creating an email is often complicated and time-consuming and do you lack market responsiveness?

Dartagnan is a collaborative email builder that allows you to improve efficiency and boost your entire production workflow. Dartagnan allows you to enhance the responsiveness of your teams and achieve a better Time to Market through its extensive features.

Designez vos emails en quelques minutes

Do you spend more time building emails than on business strategy?

Dartagnan allows your marketing teams to focus on their acquisition, lead transformation and retention strategies by freeing you from all technical constraints.

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